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Specifications Installation

MWave - Intellegent Radar Sensor For Doors
The Miller Edge MWave is a fully customizable, hands-free radar motion sensor equipped with dual relays. Ideal for fast-paced environments, MWave comes preconfigured for a wide-range of applications. When paired with the optional Remote Control, MWave can be configured from the ground, making custom programming fast and easy.

• Full customizable
• IP67 rating for wet, rain, snow, dust, and debris
• Swivel mounting bracket for adjusting detection field
• Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications
• Doppler radar technology

Remote Control

MWave Remote Control

• Configure and program MWave from the grounde

BEA Falcon
Specifications Installation

BEA FALCON - Industrial Door Sensor
BEA Falcon for doors over 11-1/2 ft
BEA Falcon XL for doors under 11-1/2 ft

FUNCTION: Opening & Closing Door
• Fully Customizable
• Uni or Bi-Directional Sensing - Ability to discriminate between the traffic moving away from or approaching the door
• May be set to discriminate between pedestrian and vehicular traffic
• Universally compatible with any industrial door
• Fast and Easy to install and tune • Explosion proof housing available

BEA Falcon IS 40
Specifications Installation

BEA IS40 - Industrial Door Sensor
FUNCTION: Opening & Closing Door
Falcon with the added benefit of Infrared presence detection

BEA Eagle HM
Specifications Installation

BEA EAGLE HM - Universal Opening Sensor
FUNCTION: Opening & Closing Door

• K-Band microwave technology can detect movements
   at rates as low as 2.2 in./second
• 3-Mode Directional Sensing Towards the door:
   Unidirectional Towards or Away from the door:  
• Bi-directional Combination of both: Motion Tracking Feature
• Mounting height up to 16 feet 5 inches

BEA Remote

BEA Falcon & Eagle Remote Control
FUNCTION: Control & Programming


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